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What's so great about online Pennsylvania drivers education? Well, for one, drivers ed is the key to getting your Pennsylvania Drivers License and hitting the road to freedom and independence. With online Pennsylvania drivers education, the process to earning your first Pennsylvania license is even faster. By taking our simple online Pennsylvania drivers ed course, you can meet your friends easier, get to school or work on your own, and never have to rely on your parents or others for rides again!


Preparations before the test.

For the day of the test you will need:


What are the advantages to the online classroom?

Your License is a Click Away

Do I need to take Driver's Education to get my Driver's License?

Why should I practice for my test with Duncan?

In the links below we have the most popular forms that our students are required to fill out before they actually get to the DMV. These are very effective for students who want to be prepared before the test. We also include links to the publication PDFs that our students also ask for. Check them out below


DL-180  Initial Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit Application

DL-180TD  Parent of Guardian Consent

DL-59  Application from Junior Driver’s License to Regular Driver’s License


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