Classroom Training

Comprehensive Classroom Drivers Education

Become a safe and skilled motorist with classroom drivers education from our experienced staff currently located in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. We have more than 30 years of experience and provide you with the most comprehensive instruction in the Tri-State area. For those who prefer direct contact with instructors, our 10 week program can turn any driver into a master of his or her vehicle.

Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, our 30-hour course covers all of the skills and subjects necessary to prepare drivers to take to the road. We offer an extensive education program that teaches our students the most important topics that they will use every day in the real world driving atmosphere. Many of our students tell us that the information they learn in our classroom training are the most important facts to save their lives. The most important skills we cover are:


• Road Rage                                                                • Adverse Conditions

• Seat Belt Use                                                           • Knowledge of Traffic Laws

• Rural and Urban Driving                                     • Drinking and Driving Awareness


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Kid tested, Government approved.

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