Behind The Wheel Training

Duncan's certified driving instructors offer up to 2 hour driving lessons.  We pick you up at home, school, or work as long as it is roughly 15 minutes from your house. Our instructors have any where up to 30 years experience and truly enjoy helping each student improve their driving skills.  At the end of each lesson the instructor will give your child a rating sheet so that you know exactly where you stand compared to other drivers.




Your child is the only student in the car the whole lesson. Many driving schools have a “piggy-back” system that can be awkward or unsettling. Instead of having a lesson where the instructor has the student pick-up his next student who drives your child home, your child will be the focus of their training exercises. If you would like more information about training or even the pricing of our training, feel free to download our PDF here, send us an email at, or give us a call at our office.

Contact us here for more information about our Behind The Wheel Training.

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