Behind The Wheel Training

Duncan's accredited driving school offers 1.5 - 2 hour lessons. Each lesson is $135, pay as you go ($180/2hr). Typically we see our students do a total of 4 lessons (6hrs). The lessons are done in one of our cars. We have all small, automatic cars which all come equipped with a dual brake so the instructor has a brake as well. We pick up and drop off at home, school or work (within 15 min of home). We do not do "piggy back pick ups," you are the only student in the car, this helps avoid any awkwardness and uncomfort due to another student being in the vehicle/driving you around. We go over all the basics of driving and help with test preparation! We do also offer to to take our students to the test for an additional fee of $175.




We can schedule appointments for you! Please feel free to contact us for any additional information at (215)357-0989 or at our email You can also check out our PDF here, for more information! Thank you!

Contact us here for more information about our Behind The Wheel Training.

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